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Deltell Abogados Deltell Abogados is a Barcelona law firm specialized in Civil and Criminal Law for companies and individuals.

Offering legal solutions since 2011

To problems, solutions.

Deltell Abogados is a Barcelona law firm specializing in Civil and Criminal Law founded in 2011 by Guim Deltell Casacuberta, registered lawyer number 36849 of the Il·lustre Col·legi de l’Advocacia de Barcelona, with professional address at C / Rosselló nº 42, 3º 4ª de CP08029 Barcelona, ​​Spain.

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Civil law

Lawyer with dedication in Civil Law.

Criminal law

Specialized training in criminal cases.


Experience in settlements and out-of-court solutions.

Why hire


Each case is worked according to the needs, objectives and purposes set with the client. We report the status and progress of the order.


Payment facilities

Multiple payment options, making fees never a problem to carry out the necessary legal actions.



Each person and case is different. The orders that are accepted are studied in depth, dedicating the necessary time to them.

Philosophy of the firm


No one knows your case better than the client.

Listening to the customer is the first step to understanding their goals and working efficiently.


Bet for quality, not quantity.

Legal services are started as soon as the client orders them, always according to the agreed conditions.


Trust is not given away, it is earned.

Having a trusted lawyer is necessary, but it is acquired with due time and the results obtained.

Professional collaborations

If you are interested in collaborating with the firm, get in touch.

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