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Criminal Law regulates those facts that may constitute a crime that entails a custodial sentence or a fine, generating a criminal record. A criminal procedure is initiated through a complaint, criminal complaint, police report or by the competent authorities. The lawyer who is an expert in criminal law ensures assistance to the detainee at the police station, as well as the private prosecution or defense in a judicial proceeding. Contact the criminal law firm in Barcelona now.


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Assistance detained at the police station

Actions at the police headquarters and before the duty courts.

Criminal complaint and criminal complaint

Drafting of a complaint and criminal complaint in favor of the victim of the crime and / or the injured party.

Judicial criminal defense

Defense in criminal proceedings and trials against the investigated, accused, accused or defendant.

criminal record

Cancellation and information regarding the client’s criminal record.

Main crimes on which the criminal lawyer works:


  • Crimes against persons: homicide, murder and injuries.
  • Crimes against honor: slander and insults.
  • Crimes against freedom: coercion, harassment, threat, kidnapping, illegal detention.
  • Crimes against property: damage, theft, robbery or violence.
  • Crimes against public health: drug trafficking, medical negligence.
  • Crimes against road safety: alcohol, reckless driving, speeding.
  • Documentary falsifications: falsification of public and private documents, falsification of credit cards, usurpation of marital status.
  • Computer crimes and cybercrimes: Illegal access and illegal interception of communications, data and systems interference, computer forgery, cyberbullying, phishing, sexting, stalking, data dissemination.
  • Crimes against sexual freedom: sexual assault and abuse, sexual harassment.
  • Crimes against privacy, the right to one’s image and the inviolability of the home: discovery and disclosure of secrets, breaking and entering, usurpation of real estate.
  • Fraud: crime of fraud, unfair administration, misappropriation.
  • Crimes against intellectual and industrial property.
  • Corporate crimes, crimes of receipt and money laundering, crimes against the Public Treasury and Social Security.
  • Crimes against worker’s rights.
  • Crimes related to the protection of flora, fauna and domestic animals.
  • Fire crimes.
  • Crimes against the Public Administration: prevarication, disobedience, bribery, influence peddling, embezzlement, fraud.
  • Crimes against the Administration of Justice: prevarication, concealment, arbitrary realization of one’s own right.
  • False accusation and denunciation and simulation of crimes, false testimony, obstruction of Justice and professional disloyalty.
  • Crimes against the Constitution: rebellion, hatred.
  • Crimes against public order: sedition, attack against authority, resistance, disobedience, public disorder.
  • Crimes related to terrorist organizations and groups and crimes of terrorism.

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