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The divorce lawyer in Barcelona allows you to obtain the best solution for your case.


Civil Law regulates matrimonial and stable relationships, as well as cases of termination of marriage and divorce. The lawyer specialized in divorce  will guarantee you the best options at the judicial and extrajudicial level for each couple or marital situation. Contact the matrimonial law firm in Barcelona now.


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Main subjects of work as a matrimonial lawyer in Barcelona:


Divorce by mutual consent and express divorce

Quick and cheap divorce procedure that is interposed by mutual agreement between the parties through the courts.

The divorce lawyer draws up a parental plan and regulatory agreement, and dissolves the matrimonial property regime as agreed.

Contentious divorce

It is the most complex divorce process. Each party goes to court with their matrimonial lawyer, with a personal proposal for the liquidation of the matrimonial regime, parenting plan and regulatory agreement.

Será el juez quien dicte sentencia en favor de las peticiones de una u otra parte.

Notarial divorce

Procedure similar to express divorce that is processed before a notary’s office as long as there are no minor children as a result of the marriage.

The divorce specialist lawyer will be in charge of drafting the regulatory agreement that will detail the guidelines that will govern after the divorce and will be incorporated into a notarial public deed, having the same validity as a divorce judgment.

Dissolution of stable couple

Domestic partners or stable partners are considered as analogous to marriage and may have the same procedures, with the specific characteristics that current legislation may mark.

It is advisable to have an expert divorce lawyer to formalize the regulation of the extinction of the common-law partnership or the dissolution of the stable couple.

The divorce lawyer of Barcelona, in addition to the separation and dissolution of the marriage and the stable partner, is also in charge of drafting marriage agreements, claims the alimony of the children and the custody and shared custody or in favor of a spouse according to each case, and presents procedures for the modification of divorce measures to establish modifications of the cases already sentenced by court.

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