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Family law regulates family relationships between ancestors, descendants and collaterals. The lawyer specialized in family law will guarantee you the best options at the judicial and extrajudicial level for each situation. Contact the family law firm in Barcelona now.


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Main work subjects as a family lawyer in Barcelona:

Judicial incapacitation

Civil procedure by which the incapacitation of a specific person by his family members is requested before the Court, establishing a guardian or curator.

Inheritances and Successions

Procedures for claim and distribution of inheritance, collection of the legitimate, disinheritance, and other procedures related to inheritance law.


Claims at the judicial and extrajudicial level for alimony in favor of unpaid children.


Procedures for express divorce, dissolution and marital separation, modification of divorce measures, guardianship and custody, common-law couples and marriage agreements.

The family lawyer in Barcelona specializes in Civil Law, and is in charge of drafting out-of-court agreements, processing the inheritance, drafting succession agreements, donations between relatives, drawing up marriage agreements and contracts between relatives, as well as filing divorce, separation, dissolution claims condominium, division of inheritance, appointment of guardians, among others.

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