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What whe offer

Legal Advice

Receive the legal information you need to make the right decisions.


Judicial Proceedings

We defend your interests before the Courts and Tribunals throughout the national territory.



Out-of-court conflict resolution and negotiation.

Contract drafting

Preparation of personalized contracts.

Collection of defaults

Monetary claims for overdue, liquid and enforceable debts at the private and company level.

Legal studies

Analysis of legal documentation and legal opinions.

Our Specialties

Lawyer specialized in Civil Law

Contact your civil law lawyer in Barcelona to take legal action, answer legal claims, file appeals and assist you in civil proceedings. We offer you a personalized service.

Expert lawyer in Criminal Law

Hire our criminal lawyer to prosecute or defend your case through the courts. We intervene at the police station, during the investigation and trial of each case. We look after your interests.

Contact the Barcelona Law Firm.

We offer you the possibility of consulting the judicial viability of your case. Knowing if a case is viable through the courts will allow you to assess whether it is worth going to the courts and tribunals or if it can be solved out of court.

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